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Stump Grinding Services

Port Orchard & Gig Harbor Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been felled and removed from your property, you will discover a small portion of the tree stem with the roots attached still in the ground. This is the tree stump and you may wonder what to do with the stump that is left in the ground after tree removal.

Northwest Tree Service offers professional stump grinding services throughout the Port Orchard & Gig Harbor.

In most tree removal cases, roots from the stump will begin to die off within days of the tree being cut down.

Although for some species of trees, a stump that is left behind becomes fertile ground for new growth from the old tree. This can quickly become a landscaping nightmare for some.

New growth can sprout outward from the tree stump for several feet when left untreated. If you want the area repopulated from the old root system, it may be a good idea to leave the stump in the ground.

Big or Small this Machine will do it all !

Should you decide to landscape the area where the old tree stood, you will need to decide what to do with the old stump.

Northwwest Tree Service professionally and safely removes old tree stumps and prepares the ground for new landscaping.

Northwest Tree Services utilizes stump grinding as the best method to remove the old tree stump and prepare the ground for new landscaping.

Successful tree stump removal can be very difficult to accomplish.

Do it yourself tree stump removal often becomes a stressful, time-consuming venture.

Leave the stump removal to the experts at Hunter's Tree Service. Northwest Tree Service has the proper equipment to handle stump grinding in a fast and efficient manner.

A tree stump can be ground to various levels depending on your landscaping designs.Northwest Tree Services will analyse your landscaping needs and offer a customized plan to remove the stump.

* We provide clean-up if requested for an additional fee.

Nortwest Tree Service offers stump grinding services in the greater Pacific Northwest.

Call Northwest Tree Service today! 

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